Around 1980, Juanito came to the city of Tijuana, from who knows where, and decided to call a friend to tell him about an idea he came up with. He thought that setting up seafood stand on the corner of a sidewalk, in the area known as Colonia Cacho in Tijuana, would be a great business. So they bought a little cart and started up a business. At first they only sold ceviche tostadas and fish tacos. They had hit the nail on the head and business was booming. The tacos and tostadas were a favorite among surfers and locals alike.


Everything was going just fine till the authorities asked them to lease a decent place, seems they didn’t like the accommodations. So, they picked up their stand jumped the border and moved into a nice little place, changed the name to Tj Oyster Bar and kept on with business as usual.

Soon after the move they played around and experimented with different things to widen the menu, and then they came up with the concept of a cocktails and oysters bar to, super seafood!!! Fresh seafood prepared daily and vegetables cut and diced right on the spot, no frozen stuff for these boys, so that one could savor the typical and delicious flavor of Mexican style fast-food seafood. And thus was born the ‘Tijuana” style seafood that everyone currently enjoys.

The business grew, and grew and grew… till the one little seafood place became the BONITA location on Bonita Road in the U.S., but the story doesn’t end here, because we will keep growing to satisfy our customers, wherever they are.




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